Client Testimonials


100% of our clients are willing to refer a family member or friend to Anchor EAP .

Our largest referral source is word-of-mouth from co-worker to co-worker. That demonstrates a high level of trust and a low level of stigma with using our EAP. 

99% of our clients rate us as "EXCELLENT".

Our clients rate us as "EXCELLENT" on: "QUALITY OF COUNSELOR", 


What do our clients say?

"You could tell the counselor anything and not be judged. She was really concerned for me."

"We felt gridlocked in an ongoing very serious problem where we, as a couple, felt unable to find ways to cope or deal with the situation.  We were making decisions on how to handle it but were not confident they were the best decisions. It was super confusing; but the counselor provided immediate guidance and helped us work through the toughest times so we were able to function normally again in our daily lives."

"The service was great!" 

"The counselor was able to identify and narrow down a complex situation, address it quickly and it provided immediate relief. Rather than leave the problem up to the individual to find solutions, struggling on their own; she was there to support us right away and it helped us cope and function."

"Speedy service!"

"It helped me to talk about the issue I was having so that I could move on with my life."


"The counselor is compassionate. She seems to truly care about my well-being. But she also challenges me to think about things in new and different ways, something we all need from time to time."

"The counselor was friendly, nice, professional, very patient and kind. I'm not sure how she stays calm, but I wish I could stay calm like her!"

"It was great! Very, very helpful."

"The counselor was always ready to make appointment, is great on the phone, and is always on time." 

"I referred my coworkers and am sure they went."

"The counselor gave authentic feedback and was transparent in her communication. 

She was not afraid to challenge me when appropriate (and needed)."

"Meeting with the counselor helped me realize I needed more help than I thought. Now I am addressing my severe anxiety and have hope! Keep doing an amazing job. You're the best."

"The counselor was very knowledgeable."

"The counselor was intuitive, responsive, supportive and authentic.

I recommend her wholeheartedly."

"The counselor was awesome!"

The sessions were thought-provoking. They helped me understand myself better and see things with a much healthier perspective."

"The counselor had a lot of experience and was easy to talk to."

"I referred my co-workers."

"I would recommend her to my family members. The counselor is top-notch."